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How to send InDesign files

The following guidelines are intended to assist you in submitting InDesign files in a manner that will make your files completely press-ready. If corrections or modifications are required, your order may be delayed pending clarification or approval, and if necessary, extra charges may be assessed. If there is something that is not addressed or is not clear to you, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification and additional information.

For documents created in InDesign, we recommend utilizing the feature “Package”. This feature is a pull down under the “File” menu.

1. Under File, pull down to “Package” and select. It will prompt you through several steps like a normal Windows based wizard usually does.
2. It will ask you to save the document, do so.
3. One of the windows will ask you where to save it and how to name it – you can just use the default name or shorten it to something meaningful to the job.
4. BE SURE the 6 boxes at the bottom are all checked (copy fonts, copy linked graphics, update graphic links, etc.)
5. It will probably warn you about fonts - that it’s OK to send them to a commercial printing service. Hit OK.
6. Let it do “its thing” and in a few seconds it creates a folder wherever you had told it to go that contains the file, the fonts and the graphics.
7. If you use a Server to store images, fonts, etc., you must be connected to the Server in order for this feature to gather all linked items/fonts used by your document. It cannot find images that you have linked to your document that are stored elsewhere on the internet – at another website for example. Those images must be available on your server on workstation to be collected and packaged.

The above is necessary in order to make your graphic files print accurately and with all the detail that they are capable of, particularly those InDesign files that have linked graphics.

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